1. Certain fragments: contemporary performance and forced entertainment - Tim Etchells, Peggy Phelan 1999 (electronic resource)

    Book  Please read 'Eight Fragments on Theatre and the City’

  2. A Study Room Guide to Remoteness

    Document  Please read and then look up some projects from this source.

  3. The Social Turn: Collaboration and its Discontents [and] 'Another Turn' Grant Kester response to Claire Bishop - Claire Bishop, Grant Kester

    Article Essential Reading Hopefully, this link will work, if not, please try the second version (which excludes the conversation with Kester). You might also find this elsewhere on line - occasionally I've known the link change without warning. Assuming it works, this section ends just before the heading ‘ICONOCLASH’, you can ignore writing after this.

  4. Teaching Performance Studies: 25 instructions for performance in cities - Carl Lavery 09/2005

    Article  Please ignore the initial version of the handbook here, the reading for this week is this article by Lavery.

  5. The poetics of space - Gaston Bachelard, M. Jolas 1994

    Book Essential Reading Please see library copy or look online. Please read pages 3-37

  6. Geography of home: writings on where we live - Akiko Busch c1999

    Book Recommended Reading It’s not required but I’d also recommend you read this. You could start with the preface, then look at ‘Front Door’ and then perhaps the introduction, or read as you like. It's on the library website.