This list relates to the time period 01/08/2015 - 31/07/2016 which ended on 31/07/2016
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  1. Required Purchase 2 items
    Students are expected to purchase this text for sustained use through the module.
    1. You can buy these textbooks at Appleseed Bookshop on the ground floor of the Library and Learning Centre building. If they don't have it in stock they can often order it for next day delivery.

    2. None.

  2. Essential Reading 1 item
    Students are expected to read this material to gain essential understanding of the module content.
    1. None.

  3. Recommended Reading 3 items
    Range of recommended materials provided to extend understanding of the module content.
    1. Computer vision: algorithms and applications - Szeliski, Richard c2011

      Book Recommended Reading

    2. Computer vision: a modern approach - Forsyth, David, Ponce, Jean, Mukherjee, Soumen, Bhattacharjee, Arup Kumar c2012

      Book Recommended Reading

  4. Background Reading 1 item
    Further reading identified as relevant to the module content.
    1. None.

  5. Library and Learning Support 1 item
    1. Electronic Engineering - University of Surrey - Guildford

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